Important Notice

Muslims should get in the habit of remembering Allah in everything we do. In the following pages, readers will find the supplications (du’aas) for many different things. And who better to follow and learn from than our Holy Prophet (SAW).

He (SAW) was the perfect role model because his actions and behavior were exemplary. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) always had the remembrance of Allah in thoughts, actions, and sayings. We, too, should try and emulate his (SAW) behavior by learning how to keep remembrance of Allah in our daily lives.
Between the time we get up and the time we go to sleep, there is a du’a for almost every act of our lives.

During the holy month of Ramadan, let us spend time memorizing these supplications to ensure that we are constantly thanking Allah for his multitude of blessings on us.

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Special Duaa’s / Prayers

Dhikr (Supplication), DS1. DA2. DS3. DS3-1. DS4. DS5. DS6. DS7. DS8. DS9.

Upon Entering The House

Upon Leaving  Any Gathering

Upon Going to Sleep and Waking  Up


Before Entering The Restroom


Upon Getting Angry


Upon Completing Ablution


After Leaving The Restroom


Upon Entering the Marketplace


Upon Going To The Fajir Prayer


Upon Going To Sleep


Some Supplications


Upon Entering The Mosque


Waking Up from a Bad Dream


Upon Traveling (Taking a Trip)


Upon Exiting The Mosque


Supplication in Distress


Bidding Farewell to Someone


Upon Hearing The Adhan (Call to Prayer) And lqamah


Upon Fearing Someone

Starting A Journey

Enjoining Dhikr After Prayers


Upon Finding Something Difficult


Supplication for Riding (or Driving)


Supplications After Fair Prayer


To Protect Oneself


Returning from a Journey


Upon Leaving The House


Protection For Children


Upon Entering A City


Supplications for Day & Night


Supplications and Visiting the Sick


Upon Eating & Drinking


Seeking Forgiveness


When Someone Sneezes


Upon Breaking the Fast


Du’a For Protection From Misfortune (The Du’a

of Abu-Darda)


What To Say To The Groom On Marrying


Upon Finishing a Meal


Getting Undressed


What To Say Before Martial Relations

(Sexual Intimacy)


What The Guest Says To His Host